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Diversified Soft Tissue Therapy is Integrative Myofascial and Myoskeletal Health

Diversified Soft Tissue Therapy was developed with the understanding that integrative fitness is the next step in the evolution of modern fitness programs. Whether you are a competitive athlete looking to increase your performance margins by a fraction of a second or a fun loving grandparent interested in fully engaging your active grandchildren, or both the fundamentals of fitness remain the same. Combining  a multi-disciplinary approach to myofascial and myoskeletal health we develop  comprehensive and concise programs that cater to our clients specific postural makeup. Employing state of the art  clinically proven postural analysis software to direct the course of your therapy which is an integral part of the project. Followed with close collaboration between your practitioners you’re assured a results driven environment with quantifiable re-evaluations. It’s our goal to provide you with an understanding of your myoskeletal  health that you can take beyond our office and into your everyday life and activities. You will receive a comprehensive home care plan including tutorials and access to a personalized video library to make your home care convenient and timely.

Our clients range from the last minute appointment with a stiff back in need of a competent massage therapist or Pilates practitioner to the competitive athlete with complicated structural asymmetries in need of a dynamic team of soft tissue specialists to monitor and optimize their kinetic output. With a mounting body of research suggesting a rising number of structural surgeries being performed on non-traumatic injuries but rather chronic disorders associated with common postural pathology. It is our hope that every individual that we are privileged to work with find themselves educated, empowered, and enthusiastic with regards to the work they are continuing with us on improving their overall postural health.

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Diversified Soft Tissue Therapy


An innovative and progressive approach to Pilates and Massage Therapy here on the Monterey Peninsula.

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