Whether you’re an athlete competing at the highest level or a senior simply wanting to play with your grandkids, muscle pain, performance, and flexibility limitations are almost always initiated by vulnerabilities in the body’s musculoskeletal system. Weak, tight, or stressed muscles provide inadequate support for the body, leading to symptoms such as posture problems, stiffness, and debilitating soreness.


Relief. Recovery. Health. Fitness.

Working with you individually or in collaboration with your medical practitioners, we customize a comprehensive, integrative therapy program specific to you. With each visit to our comfortable, cutting edge studio, we assess your needs and work with you personally, incorporating treatment and assessment options including:

• Deep tissue muscle and fascia (orthopedic) massage

• Customized exercise and stretching regimens

• Ongoing individual fitness training and classes

• Ongoing individual Pilates training and classes

• Computer posture analysis to help direct your therapy

Our care for you goes beyond therapy and training

at our facility. We also provide you with your own comprehensive care plan including tutorials and

access to a personalized video library so you can advance your recovery, health, and fitness at home within your everyday activities.

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