Robert Fontecchio

Orthopedic Manual Therapist, CMT

Titleist Performance Institute Certified

CrossFit L1 Trainer

CrossFit Coaches Prep

CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Trainer

FMS, Functional Movement Systems Level 1 and 2 Certified NREMT

Wilderness Medical Associates License - WEMT

Trinity College – Sports Massage Therapy Certified and Licensed

Growing up in Westchester County just outside of New York City, Robert’s interest in muscle health and therapy is rooted in the Adirondacks  and White Mountains where he discovered his passion for wilderness and mountain sports. He became professionally trained in high angle rescue, as well as rock and ice guiding. He worked the mountains as a guide and as a certified Wilderness EMT and Paramedic.


Today, Robert is the Central Coast’s most sought after muscle health and therapy specialist. In fact, very few specialists throughout the United States share Robert’s unique combination of knowledge and extensive hands-on experience…and there are even fewer who have developed such an integrated and all encompassing approach to healing their clients. As an advocate of leading international myoskeletal therapy experts from James Waslaski and Thomas Myers to Mel Siff and Gray Cook, Robert earned his certification and licensing in Massage Education and Sports Massage Therapy from Trinity College. He developed his expertise including Functional Movement and Strength Training, and has worked with orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, and professional sports teams, as well as individual professional athletes.


After years of case studies and countless patients, Robert was determined to focus his own practice on doing what he excels at – unraveling injuries, pain, and muscular problems for his  clients. He has created a scientific,

multi-faceted approach including orthopedic massage therapy, customized muscle training, and exercise regimens including Pilates, proper diet, and behavior modification.


Robert says, “The biggest part of my job is changing patient behavior. Besides using physical, hands-on techniques, I empower clients by getting them to understand their bodies and movement patterns. By changing their habits and posture, as well as giving them direction on how they can better care for themselves, we are able to reduce or eliminate their pain and increase strength and mobility. And we can help them minimize recurrence of similar problems. Our methods are based in the use of good science, logic, and measuring and evaluating results.”

DSTT / 620 Lighthouse Avenue / Suite 120 / Pacific Grove / CA 93950 / 831-607-8748