What is Systematic Strength?

Systematic Strength is a high-intensity fitness program incorporating the use of everyday movements and activities people have been doing for thousands of years: running, jumping, throwing, and picking objects up from below and pressing them overhead.


Systematic Strength optimizes your body strength and capabilities, preparing you to function efficiently, whether it is for the rigors of life-long activity or competition at the highest level.


We personally design and guide all exercise workouts with participants using free weights, kettlebells, barbell, pull-up bars, and a variety of calisthenics. Your commitment develops your proficiency in each of ten fitness domains:


• Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance

• Stamina

• Strength

• Flexibility

• Power

• Speed

• Agility

• Balance

• Coordination

• Accuracy


Sessions are offered in a group setting with people from all walks of life and skill levels participating at the same time. The exercises are universally scalable and can be executed by elite athletes, moms-to-be, and grandparents alike.


DSTT offers Systematic Strength classes as well as Private Training Sessions at our studio Monday - Friday.


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